"Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still"

- Chinese proverb

What We Do

We work with clients to ensure our interventions support both individual & organisational development – at the diagnostic stage as well as implementation stages.

Subject Specific Workshops

We develop and facilitate a range of subject specific workshops to meet the pressing needs of your organisation. These are designed either to meet the needs of particular staff grades or as cross-cutting across the entire organisation to address leadership and management issues or to support culture change.

Leadership and Management Programmes

We provide a range of accredited leadership and management programmes, allowing clients the choice between programmes that lead to recognised qualifications with transferable credits and ILM quality assured Endorsed an Development programmes.

Our Qualification Programmes include: Certificate in Leadership and Management (ILM Level 3)Provides a sound basis for developing competence in the management and leadership for aspiring or existing managers with supervisory roles. Certificate in Leadership and Management (ILM Level 5)Aims to develop both an understanding and application of strategic skills for middle and aspiring senior managers. Certificate in Leading with Integrity (ILM Level 5)A new qualification aimed at developing leaders with the skills and knowledge to achieve organisational / commercial outcomes in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Our Endorsed and Development Programmes We design and deliver Endorsed and Development programmes, in partnership with the Institute of Leadership and Management. The content of our structured programmes is entirely informed by client needs and outcomes, thus creating a custom-made programme to address the particular challenges faced by your organisation, both now and moving forward. We design and deliver programmes for first line, middle and senior managers.

Action Learning

Is a simple yet very effective tool for personal and professional development. Through our facilitated Action Learning Sets, participants have the opportunity to work on real problems and implement solutions, thus learning by doing. The Action Learning Sets can be designed as an in-house activity, for peers from your organisation or as a cross-sector set for leaders, bringing together staff from different sectors or disciplines.

Mentoring Plus

We offer individuals or groups of managers access to E-Learning resources to develop their management skills through our strategic partnership with the Marshall Gurney Institute. We support their learning, via their chosen learning pathway, with online coaching or mentoring. This ensures understanding and embeds their learning. Managers can work towards qualifications recognised by the Chartered Management Institute. They sign up to an annual license with access to resources, plus a coaching/mentoring contract with the8group.

Organisational Wellbeing

Through our tried and tested six-staged approach, we can help you to create a balanced and effective organisation by:

> Reducing staff turnover and employment costs
> Improving productivity and efficiency
> Enhancing brand reputation and competitiveness.